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1. The Game-Empire

This page was my first and has the most to it, has everything about games you could ever hope to find even online Web-Games and games to download & much more check it out before all else it is the best.


2.This Is A Page Dedicated To Vampyres.

It gives various info on vampyres, including books, pictures, music, & links to vampyre pages including my favorite - the famous Vampire White Pages!


3.This Is A Page With  Instructions on Empire Mud.

It gives all the information & help on playing my mud; Empire.

4. Emperor's Hacking/Phreaking Page.

This is a page of all Hacking & Phreaking programs/hardware instructions, pictures from hacking related movies, and viruses. Anything on this page is not to be used unlawfully everything on this page is for research purposes only.


5. Anime Empire

This is a shrine to anime (Japanese animation). It has scripts plot lines episode listing ... just about everything an anime or hentai fan could want.

This page isn't stable yet it may be down and don't bookmark it yet just incase the URL changes



6. Empress Elissa's Page @~'~~,~

This is a page dedicated to Empress Elissa (The Rose). It contains a large variety of cartoon memorabilia and sites.



7. Winter's Page

Page dedicated to our puppy Winter.  It Has Pictures, Trick Clips, and helpful info for training dogs.



8. Emperor's Music Page

This page contains a sound files in wav and midi format from t.v. shows and movies that play while your on-line, some of these are very odd and very hard to find so if you like show tunes check it out.


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